Yellow Toy Play Pop Up Tent, 2 Sleeping Bags, Check & Flower Print Fabric for Stuffed Animals, Dolls

Yellow toy play pop up tent and 2 sleeping bags made with check and flower print fabric for girls to play with their stuffed animals, dolls, etc. Handmade toy tent that is lots of fun, a unique gift for kids, portable and compact to store. Many hours of pretend play for children.

Fabric used for toy tent is yellow cotton fabric with a yellow, white, orange check and pink, purple, blue flower print. The 2 sleeping bags are yellow with white lining and contain batting for loft.

▪ Tent popped up - 12"(30.5cm) length x 12"(30.5cm) width x 12.25"(31cm) height
▪ Tent folded down - 12"(30.5 cm) length x 12"(30.5cm) width x 1"(2.5cm) height
▪ Sleeping bags, 2 included - 11.5"(29 cm) length x 5.25" (13.5cm) width each

▪ A sturdy base is made with fabric glued to plywood measuring 12"(30.5cm) x 12"(30.5cm) x .25" (.75cm). Glue is non toxic.
▪ The door opening finished with white bias tape. Two pieces of white ribbon are used to keep the door rolled up.
▪ There are 2 round vinyl windows, one on each side with a ruffled lace border.
▪ All visible seams of the tent are stitched and then finished with a serger to prevent raveling and to give the inside a finished look. The fabric at the top is doubled and the seams are triple stitched to increase durability and strength.
▪ The steel rod inserted into a fabric casing above the door helps keep the tent open when popped up and provides support.
▪ Dowel caps are glued to a 3/8” dowel and is used to keep the tent popped up. The dowel caps make the ends safer and prevent the dowel from damaging the top.

TOY POP UP TENT INSTRUCTIONS (included with each tent)
1) Lift top with fabric loop. Place one end of dowel in center of top and slide other end on base of tent to a vertical position.
2) Keep door open by rolling under and tying in place.
3) Grasp lower end of dowel and remove to fold flat for storage. Store dowel in tent to avoid misplacing it.

▪ The Neopet stuffed animal in the photo is for display purposes only and is not for sale.
▪ I attempt to portray the colors accurately but remember that monitors vary. Actual color may be slightly different from what you see on your monitor. Print placement may vary slightly depending on where the tent pieces were cut from the fabric.

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MATERIALS: yellow cotton fabric, check and flower print fabric, white fabric, thread, vinyl, lace, plywood, dowel, dowel caps, white ribbon, white bias tape, batting, steel rod, non toxic glue
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